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American Plate Block Stamp Collection
     Here we have a collection of 246 Plates, 43 Pages, of American Stamps dating from 1939 to present day.  All are in mint condition and have a combined book value of over $1030.00.  All have been tagged with their Scott Catalogue Number, Value (2014), and a Description.  It is a fine selection of the history of a great nation, and would make an excellent addition to anyone's collection.

                                                                         $795.00  +  shipping
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American First Day Issue Stamp Collection
     Here we have an assortment of American First Day Issue Stamps, dating from 1938 to the 1970's.  There are 74 different ones, with multiples of some of them, on a total on 45 pages.  They are all in excellent condition and displayed in an album.

                                                                             $395.00  +  shipping  
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#1691-1694 Delegates Sheet of Stamps
     Here is a sheet of stamps, of the Delegates.  All four stamps which are:
#1691 Delegates Seated and Standing
#1692 Delegates Seated
#1693 Delegates at Desk
#1694 Seated at Large Chair
The sheet is in excellent, mint condition!
               $36.00  +  shipping
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#1805-1810  Letters, Sheet of Stamps
     This is a sheet of stamps of #1805-1810, Letters.  They are:
#1805 Letters Preserve Memories
#1806 P.S. Write Soon, (violet and pink)
#1807 Letters Lift Spirits
#1808 P.S. (green and yellow green)
#1809 Letters Shape Opinions
#1810 P.S. (scarlet and blue)
We have two of these sheets, and they are both in mint condition.  The price advertised is  "FOR ONE SHEET ONLY".  If you're interested in both please contact us and we will combine shipping.
                    $40.00  +  shipping
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#1912-1919 Benefiting Mankind, 
Sheet of Stamps
     Here is a sheet of stamps, Benefiting Mankind.  They are:
#1912 Exploring the Moon
#1913 Shuttle Jettisoning Boosters
#1914 Shuttle Deploying Satellite
#1915 Understanding the Sun
#1916 Probing the Planets
#1917 Shuttle - Vertical Ascent
#1918 Shuttle - Landing Gear Down
#1919 Comprehending the Universe
We have three mint condition sheets of these, and the price given is "FOR ONE SHEET ONLY".   If you're interested in more than one please contact us and we will combine shipping.  
                   $40.00  +  shipping
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#732 A360 Endangered Wildlife, Eastern Cougar
Sheet of Stamps
    Here we have a sheet of 50 stamps, of the Endangered Wildlife Series, the Eastern Cougar.  It is in mint condition, and comes in the original packaging with it's cover page.
                       $45.00  +  shipping
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