Silver Plated Butter Dish, with Glass Insert
    Here we have a beautiful Silver Plated Butter Dish, with a glass insert.  However there is no name or markings on the dish itself.  It has been identified as being Silver Plated.  This piece has very nice markings and is a very elegant way to serve up your butter on the Dinner Table, and it is in excellent condition.  It measures
H 2 3/4" X W 7 1/2" X D 4 1/4".

                     $35.00 + shipping
VERY RARE, Jos. Heinrichs Silver Brandstatters Teapot
    This is a very rare, Silver Plated, teapot which was made somewhere between 1897-1937,  since that was the time of existence of the Jos. Heinrichs Company of New York  Joseph Heinrichs became well known for training his metal smiths for manufacturing and working with some of the heaviest gauges of copper on the market.  Thus his kitchenware, which he mainly made for hotels, steamships, railroads and restaurants, were of a far superior weight, craftsmanship and patina.  This teapot is in very good condition with a few areas of silver wearing on it.  It measures 7" from handle to tip of spout, 5" high, and 3" wide.  This very rare item would be an amazing addition to any collection.
                     $95.00 + shipping
Set of 6 Dutch Style Pewter Spoons
    This is a set of 6 large pewter spoons with what appears to be either a Dutch or Pilgrim type couple at the top.  These spoons are in mint condition, and are 7" in length, and the spoon has a diameter of 2 1/8".  There is no name on the spoons, but they all have the pewter mark on them.

                     $50.00 + shipping

Pair of Silver Plated Tongs
    Here we have a very nice pair of, never been used before Silver Plated Salad tongs.  Made in Hong Kong, there is no kind of dating available.  They are in mint condition with no wear to them at all.  The finger rings and the top section are adorned with some rather elegant designs in them.  The fork and spoon part are a very smooth, shiny shovel shape, and come together perfectly.  These would add a very elegant touch to your dinner parties salad course.

                      $25.00 + shipping

RARE, Santa Fe Railway, Silver Plated Sugar Bowl
    A rare and beautiful piece from the days of class and elegance where travel on the Santa Fe Railway was a lavish experience.  This 10 oz. Sugar Bowl from 1956, with a hinged lid is in excellent condition.  The Santa Fe dining experience brought about by Fred Harvey in the second half of the 1800's, continues through to the ceasing of operations on December 31, 1996.  This piece is 6 1/4" wide, 4" high, and 3 1/2" in depth.

                      $175.00 + shipping
Vintage Alpacca Hoka, Silver, Cigarette Holder
    This Alpacca Hoka Silver Cigarette Holder,has been dated somewhere between 1910 and 1925.  Alpacca is a term used back in that period for what was referring to imitation silver.  This was commonly made out of nickel, the most common, or copper, zinc, and sometimes even iron.  The push button to open the holder is marked as Alpacca Hoka.  It is a very nice bright silver color, with detailed art work on the front, along with a fine mesh finish.  There is also a little plaque area in the front where it was quite common to have ones initials engraved.  The inside is finished in a brushed, antique gold finish, along with the gold bands, that hold the cigarettes in place.  The case is in very good condition, with very little wear. It measures
3 3/16" by 7/16" thick.  A very fine piece of history!
                      $95.00 + shipping
VERY RARE, J.W. Robinson Co., Silver on Copper Candy Dish
    This is a Silver on Copper Candy dish made by
J.W. Robinson Company, numbered 3144G.  The Lion emblem on the lid is worn down to the Copper, but the rest of the dish is in very good condition with slight spots of tarnish.  The dish stands on it's four feet and measures 6 3/4" long, 4 3/4" wide, and 3" tall.  The lid is trimmed in a very nice rope design and adds a great detail to it.  The inside is a very bright silver and has had very little use.  This is a very nice, rare piece and would be a great addition to any collection.

                      $75.00 + shipping
Shreve & Company, San Francisco, Sterling Silver Flask
    This is a Sterling Silver Flask made by Shreve & Company of San Francisco.  This company has a very old tradition of high quality, very fine products.  The crest on the flask is in German, "Plicht Vor Recht", which basically means, "Obligation Is Right".  The flask is in a hammered design, it has a couple dents in it, but otherwise is in very good condition.  The sack that goes with it is in excellent condition with no flaws at all.  The flask measures 7"H X 4 1/16"W X 1"D, and weighs 8.84 oz.  This is truly a sterling piece of artistry, and would be an amazing addition to any collection.

                    $395.00 + shipping
RARE, Antique Rockford Silver Plate Company Teapot
    This Teapot from the time period between 1882 and 1925, when the Rockford Silver Plate Company was in production, out of Rockford, Illinois, U.S.A..  It is well decorated with some very artistic trim.  The teapot has considerable silver wearing, but is otherwise in great shape with no dents, or scratches.  It's about 7 1/2" high, 9 1/2" from end of handle to tip of spout, and 5 1/2" wide.  It is  quite a decorative piece that would be an excellent addition to any collection.

                     $70.00 + shipping
Pair of Silver Plated Round Dishes
    Here we have a pair of silver plated round dishes.  Their particular use could be for whatever you could imagine.  They measure 5 1/2" in diameter, and
1" deep.  They are marked as, "Silverplate" underneath on both plates, and there are no other markings on them at all, like a manufacturers name.  They are in very good condition and would enhance any table setting.

                      $35.00 + shipping
RARE, Gotham Silver Co. Silver Plated
Banana Boat Dish
    Here we have an elegant piece of Naval History.  This is a Gotham Silver Co., Banana Boat style, Nickel Silver Plated Dish.  It was a piece made for the United States Navy.  Gotham Silver Company was known for making dishes for the hospitality side of the industry.  For restaurants, hotels, and other institutions, such as the U.S. Navy.  They have been around since the 1920's and are based in New York.  This dish is a heavy piece and has some scratches and wear to it.  It measures 12 1/4" long, 2" high, and 6 3/4" wide.  This is a rare, and excellent piece that would be a fantastic addition to any Naval, or Silver Collection.

                     $95.00 + shipping
Pointed Oval Gorham M. Co. Silver Plated Serving Tray
    This silver plated, pointed oval serving tray from GM Co., Gorham Manufacturing Company, from Birmingham in about 1938.  The tray is a nice piece with double lined outer edge and measures 13" in length and 8 1/8" width.  There are some scratches on the tip surface, but other than that the tray is in great shape.  This piece would certainly add a hint of elegance to any dining experience.

                       $65.00 + shipping
Silver Plated Forbes S.P. Co. Creamer
    This is a Forbes S.P. Co. Creamer #658.  This Creamer is in excellent condition and has a bit of wear on one side.  The inside just gleams of silver.  It measures
4 1/2"H X 4 6/16"W X  6/16"D, and would be a very elegant way to serve cream to your guests.

                       $35.00 + shipping
Benedict EPNS , Dish and Plate
    Here we have a dish, possibly used for ice cream, and a plate made of Electro Plated Nickel Silver, by the Benedict Manufacturing Company of East Syracuse New York, anywhere from 1894-1953.  The bowl is in great shape with what appear to be scratches on the inside from people trying to get every last bit of ice cream with their spoons.  It measures 2 1/4" in height and 4 3/16" in diameter on the bowl.  The plate is also in very good shape with only a bit of wear and tarnish to it, and it measures 6 3/16" in diameter.

                     $55.00 + shipping
R. Wallace, Clarendon Hotel, Silver Plated
Ice Cream Dish
    R. Wallace started his company in 1833 and at that time only produced spoons in Cheshire, CT.  Later he moved to Wallingford, CT.  The company was known for excellence in silversmithing.  Robert Wallace died on June 1, 1892.  Today the company is owned by Syratech Corporation and is called Wallace Silversmiths, which still is in production, and exists in East Boston, MA.  The dish is in excellent condition, with very few scratches on it.  It measures 5 3/8" from handle tip to handle tip, 3 3/4" in diameter elsewhere on the bowl part, and is 3 5/16" in height.

                       $40.00 + shipping
Very Rare, Vintage Tilting Coffee / Tea Warmer
    Here we have an older Corning, Tilting Coffee / Tea Warmer, with a Corning Brand Heat Proof Glass Pitcher.  The neck around the pitcher is silver plated, however the rest of the metal parts of the Warmer do not appear to be.  The entire unit is in excellent condition, with no wear, scratches, or chips, and would make an great piece to exhibit in any home.  It measures 15" tall and 6 1/2" wide at the side arms. 

                  $125.00 + shipping
James Dixon & Sons Silverplated Teapot
    James Dixon & Sons was founded in 1806 in Sheffield, England, and was one of the major British manufacturers in the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century.  This particular Teapot with the stamp of James Dixon & Sons, which was the marking used between 1835-1920, appears to be from the 1867-1920 era of the marking, but also is one of the earlier markings in that era.  Therefore taking it to the later 1880's -1900.  The Teapot itself is fairly rough condition, with what appear to be some strange looking repair attempts made to its underside around the feet.  This is still a rare item in history, that with a little professional help could be restored to its original magnificence.

               $50.00 + shipping
G. Payne and Son, 1911, Silver Baby Spoon
    Here we have rare find in this old Baby Spoon from 1911, made by G. Payne and Son of Birmingham, England.  The spoon is of a hammered design on the spoon part, measures 3 1/16" in length and 1 5/16" in width,  weighs exactly 18 grams, and is in excellent condition.  A great collectors piece.   $65.00 + shipping

Set of Four, Franz Bahner, Demitasse, 800 Silver, Spoons
    Here we have a set of four Demitasse spoons from Franz Bahner of Dusseldorf, Germany.  Founded in 1895, Bahner was a specialist in silver flatware.  These .800 Silver spoons are in excellent condition and have total weight of 33.3 grams, measure 3 3/4" in length and 3/4" at it's widest.  These would add to any silver collection!

                                                                                $125.00 + shipping
Pair of Silver Plated Christmas Tree
Candle Holders
    Here we have a pair of Silver Plated Christmas Tree Candle Holders.  They are hand made, and from the International Silver Company of India.  They stand about 6" and would make a lovely addition to any family Christmas celebration. 

           $40.00 + shipping
Pair of .800 Silver Serving Spoons
    Here we have a pair of .800 Silver serving spoons, that are 66 grams in weight together, and are about 18 cm in length.  There is a very nice intricate, beaded design around the entire handle of the spoon.  Can't quite make out the name that is on the spoons, and have tried many variations of what it might say, but haven't been able to find anything that matches up.  So, we are selling the spoons as a mystery pair. 
                                                                      $75.00 + shipping
Antique Chain Link Purse
    Here we have a chain link purse, that unfortunately doesn't seem to have any markings on it.  It was tested as not being silver, but is in excellent condition, for the age it is.  We know it is at least 60 years old, since that's how long it was owned by one family.  The blue Sapphire like stones in the snap are a deep, dark,  gorgeous blue color. This would make an elegant gift for any woman with exquisite taste. 

                                                                 $80.00  +  shipping
Bodum, Melior Coffee Press Set
    Here we have a Bodum, (Swiss), and a Melior (French) made, Chambord design, Coffee Press Set.  Bodum and Melior appear to be affiliated in some manor, making the same items, but in different countries.  Here we have a 34 oz. Coffee Press, a Creamer, Sugar Bowl, and four Cups, along with five stir spoons.  The set is in excellent condition with no cracks, chips, or scratches.  Make a strong, classic statement when serving coffee with this set!

                                                                    $95.00  +  shipping
Old English Reproduction E.P on Copper Plate
    Here we have a 7.5 inch side plate with the Old English Reproduction name on it.  It is adorned with a fine grape and vine motif around the rim and looks quite nice.  There is wear on the plate and you can see the copper coming through, but it is still a very nice plate. 

                                                                  $40.00  +  shipping
RARE Wendell Manufacturing Company Sterling Silver Mini, Sugar/Seasoning Spoons
    Here we have two 3" sterling silver mini spoons, weighing a total of 8.3 grams.  Either used as sugar or seasoning spoons.  Made by the Wendell Manufacturing Company of Chicago, somewhere between 1885 and 1900.  These are beautiful little spoons that would add a touch of elegance to a holiday meal. 
                                                                                    $70.00 + shipping
Gorham Sterling Silver Serving Spoon
    Here we have a Sterling Silver serving spoon made by Gorham of Providence, Rhode Island.  This spoon has a patent date of 1897, measures 7 3/4" in length and 2 3/4" wide, and weighs 64.9 grams, 2.29 oz..  A large spoon overall, with some very nice designs.  This 117 year old spoon, would make an elegant addition to any feast.
                                                                              $95.00 + shipping
Sterling Silver Serving Spoon
    Here we have a Sterling Silver Serving spoon with a patent date of 1891 printed on it.  However there doesn't appear to be any company markings on it, but does appear to have the left facing lion, symbolizing it is British sterling silver.  It measures 7 1/2" in length and 2 1/4" wide, with a weight of 51.5 grams, 1.82 oz..  It's a very classy looking spoon, that will be the conversation piece for the family holiday meal.
                                                                            $75.00 + shipping
                                                          RARE Sterling Silver Tongues                           
        Here we have a pair of sterling silver  tongues, that have no makers mark, but are marked "PAT APLD FOR", patent applied for.   The handles are hollow sterling silver and there are a couple dents at the end of them as you can see in the picture.  This is a very rare item, in which I can't find any other like it around.  The detailed handle work adds some very nice class to this piece and would add some major class to your next gathering.

                                                                   $75.00 + shipping
Harmony House Silver Plated Cutlery
    Her is 19 pieces of Silver Plated Cutlery from "Harmony House Plate AA+".  The 19 pieces include:
8 - 71/2" Parfait Spoons
3 - 71/2" Long Forks
1 - 61/4" Fork
3 - 6" Spoons
3 - Small 53/4", 3 Prong Forks
1 - Bitter Knife
The set of course is incomplete, but may complete something that you already might have and need. 

                           $45.00  +  shipping
1847 Rogers Bros IS, Eternally Yours, Silver Plated Cutlery
    This is 10 pieces of Silver Plated Cutlery from "1847 Rogers Bros".  They are from the Eternally Yours Collection, and consists of:
1 - Large 81/2" Serving Spoon
1 - Large 81/2" Straining Spoon
3 - 71/4" Spoons
1 - 6" Spoon
4 - 63/4" Forks
This could complete the set you might already have or could start the set you like.

                                                                    $28.00  +  shipping
Two Community Plate Spoons
    Here are two spoon's marked as Community Plate and are 71/4" in length.  Both are in great condition and could be the start or finish of a collection you may want or finish.

                                                                          $8.00  +  shipping
Four Rogers Gold Plated Forks
    Here we have 4 Gold Plated forks from Rogers Cutlery Co. Stainless U.S.A..  They are 6" in length and in good condition.  Would ad a major flare to serving dessert.

                              $20.00  +  shipping
Simeon L. & George Rogers Company Cake Lifter
   Here we have a Cake Lifter from Simeon L. & George Rogers Company and Oneida Ltd..  The lifter is 91/2" in length and is in good condition.

                                                                     $7.00  +  shipping
Collection of Seven Silver Plated Spoons
    Here we have a collection of seven silver plated spoons, which are all about 61/4" in length.  They are from left to right:  Community Plate
        Pat. Sep. 3 - 1912 Rogers AA
        Wm. Rogers Overland IS
        Wm. Rogers & Son AA
        Wm. Rogers MFG. CO. IS
        M & T MFG. CO.
        1847 Rogers Bros. IS Heritage
All spoons are in good condition and would be a good start or addition to any collection.

                                                                  $20.00  +  shipping
Two Silver Plated Butter Knives
    Here we have two silver plated butter knives, about 71/2" in length,  from different companies.  The top one is from Tudor Plate, Oneida Community Made, and the bottom one is from Wm. Rogers & Son AA.  Both are in good condition and are a nice addition to any dinner table.

            $10.00  +  shipping
Rogers Cutlery Company Silver Plated Spoon
    This rare 6" spoon from Rogers Cutlery Company from somewhere between 1871-1898, when this logo was used.  It was made for the Adaskin Bowditch Furniture Co., of New Haven Connecticut.  It is in good condition, and a collectors item from the era.

                                                               $25.00  +  shipping
R.W. Rogers. AL Silver Plated Spoon
     In1870 or 1880 a corporation called the Rogers Silver-Plate Company was formed in New York City by Robert R. Rogers, one Brown, and one Boardnian. Rogers had been a salesman of silver-plated ware, but was not a manufacturer. The corporation was formed so that an Albany manufacturer by the name of Strickland, and doing business as R. Strickland & Co., could use the name Rogers on his flat ware, and gain the advantage of the reputation which the name had in the market. For the use of his name Robert W. Rogers was given a fourth interest in the corporation.  Thus came R.W. Rogers of Albany.  This 5 3/4" spoon is quite a rare, fancy piece!

                                                                 $60.00  +  shipping