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Schirnding Three Piece Teacup Set
     This Schirnding of Bavaria set are from anywhere between 1956 -1974.
The Saucer and Plate are in excellent condition, however the Cup has a couple chips and a crack.  The colorful floral design is very beautiful.
              $18.00  +  shipping 
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French Elite Limoges Serving Plate
     Here we have a serving plate from Elite Limoges of France.  The mark shown here was used from 1896-1900.  The light pink and gold rimmed plate, with floral designs, measures 11" long and 7 1/2"
                         wide, and is in fantastic condition
                         with only one little stain on the left
                         side near the pink rim, which you
                         can see in this picture.
                                  $45.00  +  shipping 
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Delfts of Holland Hand Painted Vase
     Here we have a traditional hand painted, blue, white vase from Delfts of Holland.  It stands about 7 1/4" and is in excellent condition with some age crazing.  Simple and beautiful!
             $19.00  +  shipping 
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Gold Gilded Unmarked Saucer and Plate
     Here we have a Plate and a Saucer, which are unmarked and have some beautiful gold gliding around the rim.  The plate having a colorful floral pattern in the middle.
                 $15.00  +  shipping
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Breslau, Germany Ashtray
    This is a finely adorned ashtray with the dark blue and gold rim, from Breslau, Germany.
It is 4 3/4" in diameter at it's widest point, and is in excellent condition.  On the back is the poem by Jean Paul. 
          $12.00  +  shipping 
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Z.S. & Co. of Bavaria Serving Bowl
     Here we have a Serving Bowl from Z.S. & Co. (Zeh, Scherzer & Co.) of Bavaria.  The marking on the bottom dates the bowl between 1880 and 1918, the well-known green version.  The bowl measures 9 3/16" in diameter and stands 2 1/8" high, and has no cracks or chips on it at all, and is in excellent condition. 
                               $25.00  +  shipping

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Munchen 1972 Decorative Olympiade Plate
     Here we have a rare, extremely decorated plate from the 1972 Olympics in Munich Germany.  Made by Marzi & Remy of Germany and numbered 3327, this plate measures 9 3/4" in diameter and is in excellent condition.  

              $35.00  +  shipping
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1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee Side Plate
     This is a side plate for the 1977 Queen's Silver Jubilee.  Made by Reli Washbourne of London England.  It is 6 1/4" in diameter, with a gold rim and is in excellent condition.  Not too many of these plates around!   A piece to ad to your collection of the royal family.
                         $15.00  +  shipping 
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Four Ter Steege BV Hand Decorated
     Here we have four beautifully hand decorated 6" tiles.  They are of:
-A Woman and her child making cheese
-A typical rural Windmill setting
-A Fisherman fixing his nets
-And Saint Nicholas taking Christmas wishes from a couple kids.
All are in mint condition, with some amazing detailed artistry.
             $80.00  +  shipping
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The Spirit of '76 Brass Plate
     Here we have an 8", heavy, solid Brass, Spirit of '76 plate.  It is in great shape and nicely polished, and there is no makers mark.  I has a couple small ripples in the rim on the bottom, as you can slightly notice in the picture, with no other discernible issues.  I very nice shining piece to display of a great American history!
                       $22.00  +  shipping                        
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Coffee Set for Six from Porzellanfabrik Neuerer K.G.
     Here we have a coffee set to serve six persons, with Side Plates, Saucers, Cups, Creamer, Sugar Bowl, and Coffee Pot.  The marking used between 1946 and 1949, shield mark above 'GERMANY US ZONE' and 'BAVARIA'. Note the small 'K.G.' under the 'N'.  Unfortunately two of the cups have small chips and one of those is cracked as well, but the rest is in excellent condition.  
                                                                             $250.00  +  shipping
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Pair of Royal Duchess Tea Cups
     Here is a pair of Royal Duchess Tea Cups that are in excellent condition.  The  mark  'ROYAL DUCHESS' above 'FINE CHINA' and 'BAVARIA GERMANY', is known as being a Cover-up mark used by PASCO on Hutschenreuther items.  You can see to the right of the marking a bit of an R peeking out.  The PASCO importer mark was used between around 1948 and 1970. Even if it is often found in conjunction with Hutschenreuther manufacturer marks, this does not mean that everything showing only the PASCO mark is automatically Hutschenreuther as well. Fact is that all items showing only the PASCO mark were produced by other manufacturers and have nothing to do with Hutschenreuther.
                                                                              $15.00  +  shipping
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Plain White, Seltmann Weiden Teacup and Saucer
     Here is a teacup and saucer from Seltmann and Wieden of Bavaria.  The mark is dates it to somewhere between 1949 and 1954.  They are both in great shape with no chips or cracks. 
                             $29.00  +  shipping
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Set of Eight Nitto Royal Ivory RC Teacups
     Here is a set of eight teacups from Nitto Royal of Japan, and all in excellent conditions.
  $50.00  +  shipping
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Set of Six Ceramic Coasters from Koln (Colonia)
     This is a set of six ceramic coasters from Altenkunstadt in Bavaria.  They are in excellent condition and measure 3 3/4" in diameter.  There are two different scenes on three coasters each.
  $17.50  +  shipping
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