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                    Rolleiflex SL26 Camera
     This compact cute little camera uses  126 film.  Manufactured between 1968 and 1973, this particular camera was made in Germany.  It also has a Carl Zeiss, Tessar, 40mm f/2.8 lens.   Weight is about 480 grams, with dimensions of W98 X H78 X D37mm.  Also included is the original leather camera cover, owners manual, and sales brochure of the time.  A Honeywell Auto/Strobonar 110 Flash, which works well, and compliments the camera nicely comes with the set as well.  A nice addition to any camera collector's list if acquisitions.
                        $130.00 + shipping
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Lorelli, Seapearl, Goldplated Watch
     Originally purchased for about $1000.00, this gorgeous watch has only been worn a couple times and still maintains it's new golden luster.  This Lorelli, Seapearl model watch is water resistant rated for 20 ATM's, has quartz movement, and has a stainless steel case.  It's a very visual watch, still in its original box as well.  It really looks good on any guys wrist.  I know it did on mine!

                    $250.00 + shipping
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Paris, Cufflink, Tie Pin Set
     Here we have a pair of brilliant golden cufflinks, enhanced by emerald like stones.  There is also a tie pin with a stone of the same color as well.  The cufflinks are 15/16" from side to side and would be a very eye catching item to wear.  The fine golden mesh in behind add a very classy, elegant appearance as well.  There is no stamps or markings on them at all, and they have never been worn.

                       $30.00 + shipping
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Three Pairs of Vintage Goldtone Cufflinks
     Here we have 3 pairs of goldtone cufflinks of different makes.  The top, larger pair is unmarked, and is golden in color with a fairly large citrine like stone highlighting each piece.  And the oval shape measures 1 1/2" by
1".  The lower left pair, the tiger eye color set is marked 
W.E.H.C.F. on the backs of each one.  They too are Gladstone with the tiger eye color lines.  The last pair is from Swank, with Gladstone, accented with a couple of ruby like stones.  One has a little bit of wear on it.

                      $30.00 + shipping 
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Pair of Wedgwood-Like  7 1/4" Vases
    These two vases were made in the Wedgwood style, but actually are from Avon.  They are 7 1/4" tall and are actually quite nicely made.  The art work on them is very nice and detailed, and there is very little wear to the blue coloring as well.  The over all design is quite appealing and accents any points in a room.  

                     $39.00 + shipping
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Pair of Wedgwood-Like 5 3/4" Vases
     Here we have another pair of vases created in the Wedgwood style.  However, there is no name on these.
They are 5 3/4" tall and a lighter shade of blue.  There is a small scratch on the one vase on the bottom as you can see in the picture on the right, and there is a little bit of wear to the blue over all as well.   Other than that they are two nice pieces that are quite cute, with some, fairly good art work on them.

                      $25.00 + shipping 
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RARE, Emmett Kelly Clown Doll & Chair, with Book
     Here we have a vinyl doll of the most famous clown in history, Emmett Kelly.  Made by The Baby Berry Toy Company of New York in the 1950's, this doll stands about 23" tall, and when seated in his chair is also 23" in height.  Dressed as "Willie The Clown", the doll is all made of vinyl, he has glassine eyes, and the clothing is all original as well.  Coveralls, shirt, separate collar, hat, and shoes.  Also included is the book, "Here comes the Clown", written by Lillian M. Fisher, and printed in 2001.  This book is in like new condition, and includes many stories of the life and times of this famous clown.  There is also the wooden chair where Emmett sits on, which is painted red with floral designs and the seat is made of rattan.  The doll, and the chair are in excellent condition with no damage at all.  This is truly a collectors item of the best, and most famous clown of all!

                $495.00 + shipping
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Rare, Small Ink Bottle, from Lovatt & Lovatt, Langley Mill Pottery
     This is a fairly rare find in this small Ink Bottle from the Lovatt & Lovatt era from Langley Mill Pottery of Nottinghamshire.  This bottle is in excellent condition with no damage to it at all, measures 4 1/2" high and 2" in diameter.  Most Ink bottles were about an inch higher and almost an inch wider as well.  Thus being the smaller version.  Coming from the Lovatt & Lovatt era, means this bottle was made between 1895 and 1930.  This would make a great addition to any collection.      $45.00 + shipping 
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Lietz / Sokkisha Electronic Digital Theodolite DT20E
     This intricate Surveying device is in excellent condition, in it's original box, with the operating manual as well.  Included is a heavy duty "Made in West Germany", surveying tripod which is also in excellent condition, with very little wear to it.  The tripod would be shipped in a separate box, due to the major size difference.
                                                                                              $950.00 + shipping    
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Carl Zeiss Jena, NI 025 Surveying Optics
     Made in the German Democratic Republic, this scope is in great condition, in it's original case.  Also included is a very heavy duty surveying tripod with no name or markings on it.  Both items will be shipped in separate boxes, due to the major difference in sizes.
                             $250.00 + shipping
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Schonstedt Heliflux Magnetic Locator, Model GA-22
     This locator is in it's original case, works well, and only has a couple marks from use on it.  
                                                                       $475.00 + shipping
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Cast Iron Wagon and Horse Team
     Here we have a very unique piece in this Cast Iron set of a Beer Wagon, with its two riders and their little dog as well as a team of eight horses. The wagon still has its colors quite noticeable, along with the riders. Meanwhile the horses have lost most of their colors. The overall length, set up, is about 30 1/2", while the horses stand about 
4 1/2". There is also 22 wooden beer barrels in the wagon.
                                                                               $95.00 + shipping
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Samsonite Leather Burgundy Catalogue Case
     Here is a high quality, Burgundy Catalogue case from Samsonite. The Burgundy colour is very rich and distinguished, and there aren't many around. Most are black! It measures 17.5" X 12.5" X 8", and comes with a shoulder strap of same quality and colour. It has the outer additional storage area for smaller items and for quick storage of a few papers. The case has never been used but there is one small split in the soft under side of handle as you can see in the picture provided.

$75.00          SOLD

Solid Brass Walking Stick Handles
Here we have four solid brass handles for a walking stick. They are an Eagle, Duck, Horse and Snake head. They are in excellent condition, and would be a very classy way to take a walk.

$100.00 + shipping
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Made in India, Carving Set
     Here we have a Carving Set, made of brass and some nicely carved wood. Made in India, it is a very nice decorative piece for that family holiday dinner, that measures about 14" in overall length. Two available!
                               $25.00 + shipping for one                                    $40.00 + shipping for both
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Porcelain Handle Salad Serving Set
     Here we have a Salad Serving Set, by Elesva of Holland with Porcelain Handles, and some rather intricate artwork on both sides. They are about 10 3/4 inches in over all length and in excellent, unused condition, and in there original box as well.            
                         $19.50 + shipping
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Wicker/Rattan Knitting Basket
     Here we have a stylish Wicker/Rattan knitting basket in excellent condition and is a perfect vessel to carry all your knitting needs where ever you're going. It measures 7 1/2" square, and 12" high with the handle down and 19" high with the handle up. 
                        $30.00 + shipping

Nature by Yves Rocher
    Nature by Yves Rocher is a Floral Green fragrance for women. Launched in 1994 with notes of mandarin orange and mint; middle note is lily-of-the-valley; base notes are juniper and oakmoss. This is an unused bottle, in its original box, of this very hard to find fragrance. The Eau de Parfume in the large 2.5 fl. oz. size. This is a pour/splash bottle of uncommon beauty. With the leaf design on the squat natural shaped bottle, this is a work of art in itself and will grace your dressing table for years to come. This would make an excellent gift for that special someone.
                                        $50.00 + shipping

Troika, Eau De Cologne
Russian Leather
     Here is a 50ml, 100ccm, bottle of Troika, Russian Leather Cologne, unopened and in it's original box. This is very hard item to find. 
                               $80.00 + shipping 

Blau Gold, Echt Kolnisch Wasser, Doppelt, 4711
Original Eau De Cologne
     Introduced in 1792, the original 4711 was first made in Germany by Ferdinand Muelhens. A wonderfully refreshing citrus-based fragrance, 4711 warms to a light floral-woody base. Made with world's finest essential oils, including sandalwood from India, attar of roses and vetiver oil from Haiti. A scent that can be worn by a man or woman. This unopened bottle would be a great gift for your significant other.
                           $30.00 + shipping


1970's Roth Keramik Vase
     This Vase is very eye catching! 1970's ROTH Keramik Vase from West German Pottery. A well known piece for WGP admirers, comes in bright red glossy glaze framed in black fat lava. Although it looks more like it's orange. Standing at 
7 1/4" in height, this will be a a great conversation piece. 
                                 $225.00 + shipping

Vintage Flora Gouda Holland Bianca Ceramic Vase 1477
      Here we have a vintage Flora Gouda Bianca Vase from Holland. This vase is in excellent condition and stands 8" high, with the hand painted flowers. This is a beautiful artistic piece.
                                              $18.00 + shipping

Two HHB Ceramic Pieces from Japan
     Here we have two HHB Ceramic pieces, that are made in Japan. The tails are missing on both birds on both pieces. Everything else seems to be in great shape and present. They are both about 6 1/2" high and about 4 1/2" wide, and are quite pleasant and colorful. 
              $30.00 + shipping

Two Unmarked Cardinal Ceramic Pieces
     This is two Ceramic art pieces of pairs of Cardinals. There doesn't appear to be any chips or corners missing. They are unmarked and very bright eye catching pieces, which measure about 4 1/2" high and wide as well. 
                                  $20.00 + shipping

Hermann Teddy Original Penguin
     Here we have a Hermann Teddy Original Penguin from Germany. It is in excellent condition with all the tags still attached and a slight bit of red staining on the white fur just under the chin. The item number is 
571 / 23, and it stands about 9" in height. 
                     $15.00 + shipping

Emsa Insulated Vacuum Coffee Server
     Here we have a brand new White Emsa, Vacuum Seal, Insulated Coffee Server. The made in Germany, Emsa name is renowned for there quality and craftsmanship, and will serve a lifetime of warm beverages for you. It measures 9" in height and is perfect for those afternoon coffee gatherings. 
                                        $30.00 + shipping 

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West German Insulated Coffee Server
    Here we have a Floral Design, Insulated Coffee Server, made in West Germany. It has been slightly used, but is in excellent condition. It is marked underneath as being made in West Germany and also, original Eldiro Design. It stands about 10 1/2 inches in height, and would make any afternoon coffee gathering a little easier and elegant as well. 
                          $20.00 + shipping

Alfi, West German Metallic,
Insulated Coffee Server
     This is an Alfi, Brushed Metallic, West German, Insulated Coffee Server. It is used, but in excellent condition. This certainly adds some sparkle, and class to serving coffee. It stands about 9 3/4 inches in height, can hold one litre, and keeps your coffee hot for hours.
                            $20.00 + shipping

Chrome Plated Cocktail Serving Jug
    This is a Chrome Plated Cocktail Serving Jug, with a Molded Plastic Handle and Etched Grape Vine around it. This is a beautiful Jug that will add a lot of flare to your bar. It is more of a decorative item, but I`m sure could be used as well, with the proper cleaning and care. It measures about 12 inches in height and is in excellent condition.
                          $30.00 + shipping 

Chrome Plated Cocktail Serving Jug
     Here we have another Chrome Plated Cocktail Serving Jug. This jug stands about 12 inches in height, has a little chrome chipped off the top of the handle, and a small ding in the lid, but otherwise in great shape. This will add that flare and shine to your bar area. 
                          $20.00 + shipping

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1960's Longwood LR-22 Transistor Radio
     This is a radio from Longwood Radio Distributors Inc., of New York.  Popular for their radio's in the 1960's, this company had a number of plastic radio's of different sizes.  This is a rare portable Model LR-22, that still works, and includes it's original  leather carrying case, and earphone.  A very nice piece of transistor radio history!
                                                                              $65.00  +  shipping
Pimpernel Place Mats
     Here we have BRAND NEW, in the package,  set of four, "British Castles", Pimpernel Place Mats.  Measuring !2" by 9", this is a gorgeous set of the most picturesque  place mats you can attain.  They are:
-Easy to clean
-Unique silky finish
-Completely sealed edges
-Stain and scuff resistant
-Environmentally friendly
-Heat resistant to 110 C / 230 F.
                   $45.00  +  shipping
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Two Antique Awls
     Here we have two antique awls with an assortment of twenty whole making needles for leather, and five stitching needles.  

                $50.00  +  shipping
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Collection of 15 Stock Certificates
     Here we have a collection of 15 Stock Certificates from different industries, and also one being from  1942 Germany.  The others are all North American stocks dating from 1937 all the way to 2006.  You can buy them either:
Individually for $12.00, or All 15 Certificates for $150.00
                                plus shipping

For individual certificate purchases, please email me and let me know which one, or one's you're interested in.
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Vintage Oktoberfest Horse Hair Hat Pin
     This is a Vintage Oktoberfest Horse Hair Hat Pin, with the Stag Head on it.  It measures 6 inches in length and is in excellent condition.  

                  $25.00  +  shipping


Vintage General Electric Exposure Meter and Koniflash III Flash

I have a pair of items here which are: 
A Vintage General Electric Exposure Meter, Type PR-1, in excellent working condition. 
A Vintage Koniflash III flash unit. This B-C Type unit is a finely constructed flash unit from Konishiroku (which became Konica). 
The flash unit comes with a cable and a compact storage case. 
You can have both for $85.00, or individually 
the GE Exposure Meter for $20.00, and the 
Koniflash III for $75.00
plus shipping​
            Both                           Koniflash III                      GE Meter

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