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       Solingen Hunting Knife
     Here we have a Solingen Hunting
Knife, marked Decora-Solingen, Made in Germany, D.B.G.M., from the 1940's.  The overall knife measures just over nine inches and the blade just over five and has four extra attachments.  The knife is in great, used condition, and would be a great addition to your collection.

                        $100.00  +  shipping
Gold Mother's Cross
     Here we have a beautiful gold mother’s cross that was given to eligible mothers with eight or more children. These crosses were introduced by decree in Berlin on 16 December 1938 by Chancellor of Germany (Reichskanzler) Adolf Hitler. This two piece award is made of die struck, tombak base, that has been gold gilded and includes blue, black and white enamel work. The obverse is in the form of a Christian cross and shows; a centrally place static swastika, that is surrounded by a bannered “Der Deutschen Mutter” (The German Mother) and is in front of a sunburst pattern. The reverse shows a flat back with a recessed: “16. December 1938” and two styles of Hitlers facsimile signatures. The enamel work is in excellent shape, being completely intact.  If you turn the cross in the light you can see different shades of blue! The award retains a wonderful gold gilt! The cross measures 5cm by 3.5cm. It also comes with the original worn ribbon. Overall it’s an excellent example of our worlds history!   
                                                                       $110.00  +  shipping
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Nazi - American Friendship Badge
     This is an original badge produced by the Nazi league to proliferate friendship in foreign lands. This one is for German - American friendship, and it is marked: "RING FUR DEUTSCH-AMERIK FREUNDSCHAFT." The league spread Nazi propaganda abroad, and was responsible for starting the Nazi movement in South America. The design on this badge places the Nazi and American flags side by side in apparent solidarity. The front is enamel on dark brass tone metal. The reverse is maker marked: "C.T.D. / GES GESCH." Its diameter is approximately 1 1/8". It is in excellent condition. * This is a rare piece for the true collector.

                                                                 $300.00  +  shipping     
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Himmler's Personal Guard SS Dagger
     This is a replica of an SS dagger worn by the personal guard of Heinrich
Himmler.  Even as a replica there are very few of these around.  It has all the right markings, and is in great condition.
                                       $350.00  +  shipping 
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