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Three Original David Pelbam Paintings of Rabbi's
     These are original, signed, David Pelbam paintings of Rabbi's.  Born in 1932 in Rhode Island, he showed his talent early in life.  His father worked in a Shipyard and David was always fascinated by the variety of ages and expressions of the dockworkers.  We see in his portraits that not only was there expression and feeling in his subjects, but that there was also a very hypnotic sense to the eyes as well.  This first painting is 24 3/4" Wide by 
28 3/4" High, with a high quality wooden frame.

                      $595.00 + shipping   
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     This second David Pelbam painting measures 
20 5/8" Wide by 24 5/8" High, with once again a high quality wooden frame to compliment this fine piece of art.  The facial expression in this piece is very distinct and amazing, and the eyes seem to look right through you.

                       $995.00 + shipping
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     This third David Pelbam painting is the largest, measuring 30 1/4" Wide by 42 1/4" High, with a high quality wooden frame, complimenting this amazing portrait.  Once again the facial expression on this Rabbi is just astounding.

                      $1995.00 + shipping
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Albert Anker's, School Boy and Strawberry Girl Prints
     Albert Samuel Anker (April 1,1831-July 16,1910), was a Swiss Painter and Illustrator who has been called the "National Painter" of Switzerland because of his popular depictions of 19th century Swiss village life.  His portraits of children and fellow citizens are all set in an unpretentious and plain manner.  These two pieces, "Strawberry Girl", which was created in 1884, and "School Boy", created in 1875, are fine examples of the Swiss people he wished to immortalize in his art work.  These two pieces are reprints that are in excellent condition, with high quality wooden frames, that really compliment each picture.  The actual pieces measure 14" X 18", and framed are 19 1/2" X 23 1/2".
     $300.00 individually, or $500.00 for the pair + shipping

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1978 Elvis Presley Print by Dominic Giglio
     This Elvis Presley print was created in 1978 by a well known artist named Dominic Giglio.  He is known for his works of famous people.  This piece is a very nice likeness to the King himself singing under a gleaming cross.  The framing and matting compliments the picture very nicely.  The over all size measures 28 1/4" wide and 
24 1/4" high.  This a fine print and would look good hanging on the wall of any collector.

                 $350.00 + shipping
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H. Hargrove's Print of A Saw Mill
     Born in 1941, Nicolo Sturiano grew up in a small town just outside of Palermo, Italy.  A graduate of the Wine Institute of Marsala, he moved to the United States in 1964 to pursue his chosen profession.  Hired as a winemaker in upstate New York he was amazed by the countryside's beauty and started painting.  He ended up painting the tasting room of the winery, and from that become quite popular.  This particular is not a limited edition print, and in frame, measures 15 1/4" wide and 13 1/4" high, and is in mint condition.  A fine piece to hang in a smaller area.

                  $195.00 + shipping
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Thiebaut Freres Fondeurs, Paris, Bronze of
Aphrodite of Melos / Venus de Milo
     This is a rare find of a bronze sculpture of Venus de Milo from Thiebaut Freres Fondeurs of Paris.  Not many of these appear to be around.  This Bronze statue stands 
7 1/2" tall, atop a white marble pedestal.  It is in excellent condition and would make a great addition to any collector.

                $1950.00 + shipping
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Original Nancy Bailey, Oil Painting
     Here we have an original Oil painting by Nancy Bailey.  This lovely piece is set in fall time, in the hills, by a river with a farm house and a barn, with a little snow on the ground.  A very serene, peaceful, and isolated setting.  The piece measures 28" wide and 24" high.  It has a very nice, old wooden frame which enhances the art very nicely.  There is a slight dent in the frame on the right side almost half way up, as you can slightly see in the picture here.  But there is absolutely nothing else wrong with this striking piece of art.  This piece would look great on any wall.  

           $1950.00 + shipping
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Original Foil Indian Chief Portrait
     Here we have a very unique, original piece of art work.  It is a gorgeous portrait of an Indian Chief created on foil paper.  It is signed, with what appears to be the name Trapple.  This 20" wide by 24" high piece glimmers in the light and gives many different ways that the chief can appear.  The detail and just the whole idea of this amazing work is most certainly a conversation piece and would add a very distinguished look to any wall it were to be mounted on.  The solid wood frame and the two tier matting really brings out the piece very nicely as well.  This type of art is very hard to find.

                $495.00 + shipping
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Limited Edition Alfieri Clown Portrait
     Here we have a limited, numbered edition, Alfieri Lithograph, Clown Portrait.  It is number 28 of 300 and signed in the bottom left corner, Alfieri.  This is a magnificent piece of artwork, with the amazing facial expression on the clown, and the pastel colors used in the costume.  The print has been triple matted to truly enhance the different colors in the portrait. It is framed in a very nice gold, wooden frame and measures 29" wide, and 35" high.  Anyone who is a collector of clowns, would cherish such an exquisite piece of work.

                 $650.00 + shipping
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Solid Wood, Mary, Joseph, Jesus and the Donkey Tablet
     Here we have a fairly rare item in this wooden carving in the form of a tablet.  This solid wood carving of Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and their Donkey is not exactly a light weight item either.  It weighs in at just under seven pounds and measures, 18 1/2" in height, 11 3/4" wide and 2" in thickness.  There is no markings on the piece with either a company or artists name, but there is three small x's in the bottom right hand corner of the piece. The wood is in great shape with no cracks or chips.  There is nothing like this out there and this religious piece of art would be a great piece to have in your home.

               $265.00 + shipping
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Three Sets of Hummel Artwork
     Here we have three sets of Hummel Artwork with different frames. You can either have each individual set or all of them together. The frames are in great shape and really enhance each piece. 

            $17.00 + shipping for set of two

            $25.00 + shipping for set of three

            $45.00 + shipping for all three sets

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Original Oil and Canvas, Hand Signed, Dianne Dengel
     Here we have and Original Dianne Dengel, Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring 23" X 29", a larger than usual typical piece from her.  Dianne is a Rochester, NY native who is well known for her "people" art, she paints only people who are set in a more relaxed and simpler time.  With no money for brushes , she became a well known artist for painting with her fingers and rolled bits of paper.  Since her passing in 2012, her art has become rare and very valuable.  

                                 $1500  +  shipping
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